Joe Fenton

Ivory paint effect with acrylics/Polyurethane resin sculpture on hand carved Mahogany plaque, 18” x 40” Each edition includes 3 original drawings rendered in inks, crayon and acrylics. For info on pricing and availability please contact -
You can watch the film of the creation process here -


Here Be Dragons | Christopher McCurtin | Tumblr | The Draftery

The method for constructing the drawings was developed as a direct connection and reflection of the partnering research topics, applying three progressing stages of communication and evaluation. Each drawing would begin as a series of small, sporadic sketches, each dealing with a either an Objective or Subjective interpretation of the research, site and/or spatial requirements. These sketches were then gradually combined, via a series of compositional explorations, reworkings and sketch ‘curations’. In the final stage, these were then reimagined as a single stream of consciousness, synergising each of the ideas and explorations into a cohesive architectural proposal.

The earlier stages of the drawings would take place over a series of days or weeks, often emerging from the immediate exploration of ideas, intuitions or research tangents. As these progressed, the drawing cycles become progressively more focused and linear, with the final stage occurring in as few ‘sittings’ as possible.


I recently created the cover for the September issue of Jacob Sanders’ ‘Zaftig’ zine! Each issue is based on a simple one word theme and he gives the participating artists complete creative freedom to imagine that theme in any way they see fit. This month the word was ‘Breakfast.’ Thanks again Jacob, I had a lot of fun with this!

You can read this issue and browse previous issues here. Be sure to check out all of the other artist’s great contributions!